Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just a girl with opinions on fashion…strong opinions.

Do I consider myself a fashion expert? Eh. I do keep up with the latest trends and have a plethora of famous designers that I love but my fashion sense is ruled by simple every day concepts: know what you like and what looks good on your body. These two things should go hand in hand, but in a lot of cases they don’t. My contributions to this blog will focus on how one can make these concepts marry as a reality.

There will also be discussion about fashion on a budget as I am a single mom with two kids, part-time student and BILLS, BILLS and MO’ BILLS. Don’t let this frighten you(especially the use of slang for more), but instead intrigue you. I’ve mastered the art of finding clothes and accessories that are ridiculously reasonable and can go with different looks: from day to evening, boardroom to the boardwalk at the beach. I’ll share with you my tips on how to shop smart and make wise investments. Say “yes” to the black pencil skirt, it will take you a long way.

My hope is that readers will learn that looking fashionable is just not for people with six-figure salaries. The key is truly looking like a million bucks, even if you only spend $100 on the entire outfit, and yes it is possible.

It’s best that you know now that I don’t subscribe to the idea that just because you’re a Mom you have to dress like vagrant. Thanks to Walmart, Target, T.J. Max and other retailers that charge low prices for fashionable items, you too can be a fashionista. We all know that these are the stores that moms shop at anyway. I have found myself picking up milk, cereal and cute earrings on a trip to Walmart on more than one occasion.

I won’t ONLY discuss topics that relate to how moms should dress…although there is a lot of material available on that subject. I will cover a variety of issues, especially fashion happenings in the DC area.

So stay tuned if you’d like to be entertained, enlightened and somewhat educated.

Sitra Star